Search engine optimisation should be a vital part of your marketing strategy in the digital age. Search engines are the go-to place for most people looking for products and services. If they can't find you, you're simply losing out on a lot of potential new business.

We offer a number of options that will improve your website's position in search engine results. From getting your site configured, to a fully monitored service; we'll work with you to get your website to where it needs to be, and the customers to your door.

FREE SEO Healthcheck!

Our free 20-point technical checklist highlights areas where your website can be improved to be more search engine friendly.

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SEO consultancy

If you don't know where to begin with SEO and online marketing, we can take the hard work out of it for you.

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Want to have a blog but aren't sure how to optimise it to improve your site in the search results? We can help.

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FREE SEO healthcheck

SEO Healthcheck

You may have a great looking website that describes your business well and showcases your products and services. But that doesn't mean that Google and other search engines can find that information and index it for new customers to find.

Our free SEO healthcheck is a comprehensive audit of your website. We'll look at the visible content that visitors can see and also take a look 'under the bonnet' at the hidden code that the search engines are looking for.

Once we've performed the site audit, we'll give you a report outlining the results - and even compare them to some of your nearest competitors. If any work is needed to improve your website, we can give you a competitive quote. Please call us to find out more.

SEO consultancy

SEO campaign service

A lengthy pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign can be prohibitively expensive for small businesses. Therefore, a well-thought-out and sustained SEO strategy is vital to give your website the best chance of improving its ranking in the natural (free) search results.

In order to devise a tailored search engine optimisation plan for you, we'll talk with you to get to know you and better understand your business and its goals. With an understanding of what people looking for the services you offer are actually typing into Google, we can tailor your campaign to getting these potential new customers to your door.

We always take an ethical approach to SEO and are not in the business of chasing quick results that may boost your website for a short time before your site is penalised whenever the search engines spot 'dogdy' tactics.

We operate a flexible service for search engine optimisation, with plans to suit your budget and requirements:

Website optimiser

Using the results of your free SEO healthcheck, we'll fix any issues with your website to ensure it has the best chance of being found and ranked well by the search engines.

There are a multitude of factors that can affect the way search engines access and seek out information on your website. We can make sure that we make it easy for them.

The price of this service is determined by the size of the site and the work required.

SEO campaign

After optimising your website we can carry out a search engine optimisation campaign to ensure that your website continues to have the best chance of ranking well in the search results.

We'll perform regular keyword research, competitor analysis and website audits and keep up to date with the frequent changes in the way the search engines operate. In an ever-evolving search environment, we'll strive to make sure that you consistantly perform well for the most relevant searches.

We don't tie you to a lengthy contract and charge a very competitive pay-as-you-go fee of £90 per month. Call us to discuss your options.


SEO blog service

It's not an exageration to say that search engines love fresh, regular, relevant content. An effective — and cost-effective — way of doing this is by having a blog.

From an SEO point of view, there are good reasons why a blog can be important for your website. However, if you're not sure how best to craft each article to maximise its potential as a promotional tool then we can help.

Whilst obviously leaving you with final editorial approval, we can edit posts to make best use of keywords (without overdoing it!), links and social media promotion. We can do all this for only £25 per blog post.

You may only need for us to do it a few times before you carry on yourself but, if the technical side is a little daunting, we'd be happy to keep it up!